Saturday, May 26, 2012

Roll Up Roll Up - Things are on track

Now I can proudly say that I am the new owner of Boss. I am rather eager to get him home and start working with him, something to bring up the ranks. My plan for him at this stage is to bring up his lateral movements in his flatwork and get him out jumping. Colleen (my trainer) advised from the videos she saw of him that he is a little high in the neck when he is jumping and to change this I need to do some bounces with him. Along with bounces, pole exercises that teach him to be forward rather than collecting too much are also on the agenda. Young horses need to be forward in their jumping rather than almost backward going. This comes from the rider, giving the horse the forward 'going' keeping the leg pressure there to the jump gives the horse more confidence in their job. Alternatively, continually riding the shorter, slow going keeps them backward and gives them the job to do all on their own. As is usual in many youngsters this will only last so long.

Our first jump at home together. 
It has taken me almost a month to get onto this post but in Mid April, I took Rion to our Pony Club Zone Showjumping event - though it is a little small I have to continue Pony Club to maintain my position as a sport scholar at university.  The jumps were only set between 1.05-1.10m. Into the first round, table c, and we came out with a first, second round didn't go so well in the 2-phase; just having one down to finish 4th. Last class of the day was the six-bar and we ended with another first. It was our first six bar and was definitely a good warm up for the next show that was on our radar. Nevertheless, Rion was a star all day, not putting a foot wrong, no rearing, bucking or misbehavior at all which is a breath of fresh air.

Dart is on the slow and steady at the moment, having incurred an injury he is on a hiatus for the time being, which is not favorable but it does give me time to concentrate on Boss and bringing him up the ranks.

Fast forwarding to recent rides, I have taken Boss to Colleen's for lessons twice, each time he gave me two different rides. There is a pattern forming, each time I take him to a new place he gets the ex-racehorse freak out on - takes everything for a moment then reacts. The second time I take him back to the same place he acts like it is home; definitely a positive reaction.

This past wednesday I took him down to Jump Club for a bit of a go around some jumps in a quiet setting. He warmed up well and we were jumping about 90cm pretty well so I was happy with that and took him home after a few nice rounds. He is progressing nicely for me and now I just need to keep him on track with the jumping and practice my dressage with him. I have entered him in his first show which will be in two weeks today. Its only 75cm but its a start.

Here is a video of Rion Jumping and of Boss in his month with me to date - Enjoy!