Wednesday, November 16, 2011

River Swims

It has been 4 years since I last took Reebok to the river close to my house for a gallop and swim. I miss it down there, so serene, so naturally beautiful. You always meet friendly people, if there are any at all and the water is always so warm and clean.

The water was a bit deeper in most places than last time so we just trotted around. I think he rolled about 20 times, he has never gone done in water while I have been on him but he is only teeny so it wasn't bad. I love taking him down there, he gets to see new things and get exercised in a more exciting way. Its fun for the both of us. I have never taken Rion down there but next time I want to take both of them. I have a feeling that Rion will absolutely love it! A sandy gallop track that runs for miles -- for a thoroughbred I think that is the dream. I'll have to work him beforehand or I may not be able to stop him.I feel a few pig-roots and bucks coming on.

Dad can't deny he loves the pony!  


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today's Escapades

Today was the best ride we have had for a while. Getting back out there definitely feels great and now that HSC is over I can ride more and more and more and more.. An exciting prospect, I assure you.

We did some jumping grids and then ended with a larger oxer. I have missed jumping. Hopefully next weekend I can get to my coach's place to get some real jumping in and a reminder in how to ride. It has been 4 months since I have taken him over there.

The jumping grids work well with Rion's brain. He gets a bit hot and the bounces build his energy up but I had to remember to squeeze and just allow and not let him run through the hand as he tends to love doing. All in all though we had a good ride with no muck ups from either of us.

The past couple of days I have just been doing flat work with Rion. Neither of us have loved that and I think I have to come to accept that he will never do good dressage. So now I lay all my hopes and dreams on Dart. He is a bay so I have a good feeling about him.

In other news, I get to bring home my yearling in 3 weeks - so close! We are going to spend the weekend with him getting him on and off the float. Getting him accustom to it before we take him on the 3 hour drive home.

Here is a photo of Rion and I from today:

Over and out