Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today's Escapades

Today was the best ride we have had for a while. Getting back out there definitely feels great and now that HSC is over I can ride more and more and more and more.. An exciting prospect, I assure you.

We did some jumping grids and then ended with a larger oxer. I have missed jumping. Hopefully next weekend I can get to my coach's place to get some real jumping in and a reminder in how to ride. It has been 4 months since I have taken him over there.

The jumping grids work well with Rion's brain. He gets a bit hot and the bounces build his energy up but I had to remember to squeeze and just allow and not let him run through the hand as he tends to love doing. All in all though we had a good ride with no muck ups from either of us.

The past couple of days I have just been doing flat work with Rion. Neither of us have loved that and I think I have to come to accept that he will never do good dressage. So now I lay all my hopes and dreams on Dart. He is a bay so I have a good feeling about him.

In other news, I get to bring home my yearling in 3 weeks - so close! We are going to spend the weekend with him getting him on and off the float. Getting him accustom to it before we take him on the 3 hour drive home.

Here is a photo of Rion and I from today:

Over and out



  1. You and Rion look great.
    You must be very excited about your yearling arriving.

  2. Thanks! I couldn't be more excited :) I've always wanted a young one to break in.