Monday, October 24, 2011

Ola amigos

Everytime I get on here I seem to be saying that I have made a return.. trend forming? I think so..

Alas, I have been kept away form my horses for quite some time now. My last competition was the 9th of July. I travelled 6 hours north to have to come home early with a lame horse. Such is life in the world of horses. Although, I think it could have been an elaborate plot on Rion's behalf to go home.

We had a few troubles, with his rearing in the warm up, once in the ring though he was a star and we almost posted 2 clear rounds on the first day had it not been for my pilot error that led me to take a fall. Nothing hurt but my pride and a nasty bruise on my hip. I couldn't have expected anything else considering my preparation was limited no thanks to school work which haunts my every move. School and the HSC will be a distant memory after the next week and a half! I couldn't be more excited. I have been riding the past few days since our last comp and everything had just clicked for me. I have my yearling, Dart coming home in the beginning of December.

He has grown so much! The warmblood is really showing in him now, his chest is widely set and is standing at about 16.3hh. He will be 3 when he comes home and he still has some growing to do, should be a strapping lad when he finishes spurting up, and out. Myself and my coaches are going to start him in January/February which gives me some time to play and get to know beforehand.

Here is a photo of him the last time I visited him which was in July, on the way home from the competition with Rion: Since then he has bulked out quite a lot. 

kisses for mum 

When I should have been studying instead I was making this video from the last few days of Rion and I
Enjoy :) 

Watch this space, I don't intend to be kept away for much longer. 



  1. Cute photos :) I love the video of you and Rion.

    btw - What a stylish dismount lol

  2. Aww thanks!

    Sorry it took me so long to reply!Cute blog, follow each other?