Sunday, March 20, 2011

It seems I have made a return..

However small and insignificant it may be I have made a return to competing. I still have difficulty in finding time completing school and balance my study with riding, without any thought of competing. On the 6th of March I competed at my last interschools competition in the 1.20m jumping. I have also been to my coach's a few times in the last month or so which has given me the motivation which I have been lacking this past year.

Rion gave me some trouble in the warm up, which i expected nothing less than the usual rearing and racing thoroughbred brain to show itself. It was our first show in quite a few months, from being a fool in the warm up he went into the ring to complete a perfect round, if only me, as the pilot didn't shift the balance we had on a short turn to a vertical in the air; causing him to drop one rail. Not to worry, pilot error so he was rewarded for that round. It is amazing the difference between his behaviour in the warm up and the ring. In our second round he was great again though another pilot error was my micro management into the double whereby he just said no and refused, I don't blame him at all, I gave him nothing to go on. I should have kept my pace up and just waited for my distance. Alas, I am rusty and this competition was a learning experience for us.

In our first round, in good form

His reward after our first round..

Our third round was another good round though Rion had started to tire, I don't fully remember but we dropped 1-2 rails. It may have been a partnership mistake in this round. I had a good day and the feeling of being out and competing again was so invigorating. The fact that I have also been to my coach's place to ride and have lessons has also increased my motivation, to ride and compete. I have missed it but had lost the memory of what it felt like. My lessons are never boring, Rion is either a complete gem or is producing his customary rearing behaviour. When I get off and feel dizzy and the next morning when the lactic acid in my legs and shoulders is present I feel the most alive and remember what it is like to live for my horses; not just live in seeming contentment.. How I have been wrong.

My last lesson Rion showed no ill behaviour until we introduced the water jump. As a part-time eventer who has no second thought at jumping into water and as a show-jumper having no problem jumping a liverpool; introduce a water jump, well that changes everything..Long story short we managed to get him over it whilst riding though he still didn't like it when we put the wall infront of it, so we lunged him around and then through and over the jump. Surely, he had no problem with it and we had to stop him from jumping it when we just wanted him to look at it.

Our second round.
As a goal I have to do more ground work with him, pushing him off my leg, or hand depending whether I am in saddle or on the ground. He needs to respond to my leg and know that go, does, in fact mean go! He, and I have become complacent in our time off and it is time that I gave us both the kick start that we need. Like I said, I have found my motivation again and during this coming week, as my exams end, I will be able to put my efforts to good use and actually work with Rion again.

Our next competition is on the 2nd and 3rd of March. 

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