Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby Dart Is Home

Reebok & Dart together. 
Dartanion is home safe and sound. At least he was until we had to get the vet out yesterday as he sliced his heel. It was only a superficial wound and the vet simply cut away the proud flesh but there is no pain and he is a happy camper in every other way.

He is the most relaxed youngster ever, he always comes up to you in the paddock to say hello. He has grown a child like obsession with Reebok - I think Reebok likes the attention honestly. They bonded when we went to go get him from agistment.

Rion and Dart are still getting there. Dart was meant to go to the breakers to get some work done but being a stubborn young man refused to get on the float.. It's something I have to work on with him this week.

And did I mention that he is huge! The vet thinks he could get to 17hh or 17.1hh.

And the man himself


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