Tuesday, April 17, 2012

News, News, News..

Well it is about time that I found the effort to write another blog post. In my defense I have had little to write about - university has also occupied much of my thought..

Rion at home recently. 
Our summer here is AUS was miserable to say the least, plagued by consistent heavy rain and flooding; keeping me from even getting home of a night for a few days at a time. When I could ride Rion either lost a shoe or was lame from soft hooves from all the wet. Frustration after frustration.

After Dart's successful initiation over Christmas and into the New Year he has had a good spell up until a week ago. I have been putting him back on the lunge line again, playing with him on arena again but this time incorporating poles and cavaletti - creating regularity in his gaits. Being the dude that he is he has been taking everything in his stride and is so far taking everything I throw at him. He has had everything done to him except be mouthed as yet. I have had saddles on him, boots, chaff bags, brooms, everything and anything and he just stares at me waiting for the next foreign object to approach.

When Rion loses a shoe the pony is always around for some fun.
I am thinking of setting up the arena one of these days and get him free jumping -- see what he's got to give out of his current 17hh. He still has a little filling out to do and another inch or so the vets say. Gentle giant. Every day that passes I find myself saying that I just want to ride him. Mark has been out of town during my university holidays so we have been unable to get him mouthed - the sooner the better s hopefully we can organize a plan of action. 

Dart man -- chilled as.
Sadly, after the 6.5 years that I have had Rion, training, competing, growing with him it is time for him to go home. When I got him back in 2006 I didn't think I would have him around for this long. He and I have come far together and we have taught each other a lot but as his owner has requested he be returned it is time to move on. Though he is jumping well at home, particularly in his grids we have hit a plateau. I will miss him, without a doubt, we have a great relationship despite his rearing. I plan on taking him to the beach before he goes home and doing a nice shoot with him one last time.

I had the opportunity to try a new horse today, a young 7yr old TB that has had a few races but is showing serious eventing potential. My ride on him today was very different. He has great natural paces and is accepting of the contact which I am not used to from Rion -- having to constantly fight with him to get anywhere; thus my lack of ability in being able to ride an actual nice horse. A few lessons with Mark and I will be right on track again. I haven't had a 'nice' dressage ride since I had Acta in 2008-09 who was a 2* eventer. Boss, the horse I rode today had paces much the same of Acta's and his jump was reminiscent of Acta's as well. I am very excited about the prospect of Boss but no decisions have been made yet. Hopefully there will be positive news soon..

Meet BOSS.

That's all for now folks, hopefully have some more to write about soon.


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