Saturday, October 3, 2009

There are no problems.. just solutions

I have just gotten inside from the rain after Rion got his saddles refitted. The saddle fitter did the usual, saddle without riser, with riser, with me on etc for his jumping and dressage saddle.

The diagnosis: the riser I use on my jumping saddle was creating too much tension and where the rise stopped it was hollow. The dressage saddle is fine.

The treatment: He is going to fix the packing in the jump saddle, although it has retained its shape since we got it 18 months ago, and is going to fix my riser so that it isnt hollow around his waist area.

So it is good news, gives me time and a reason to do lots of dressage work now. We are both in a dire need for it.

Thanks for Reading.

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